A paragraph a day 13: Multitasking

May 13, 2015

Multitasking sounds like a good thing. You’re working on more then one task at a time, so you’re bound to finish more in less time, right? Actually, multitasking is not as efficient as it seems. Study’s show that as humans, our brains are not hardwired to multitask. Trying to focus on more than one task can actually decrease your productivity by increasing the amount of energy spent to complete a task. Every time you focus on a new task, your brain has to disengage from the old task and reengage in the new task. When multitasking numerous items, your brain is doing a lot of work just to try to keep up. This in turn rapidly reduces your energy and can create frustration and inhibit the feeling of failure. At the end of the day, you may feel like you got nothing accomplished. Instead of multitasking, try focusing on a single task for a certain amount of time, or until it’s finished. Also, try minimizing distractions by only checking and responding email at during designated time periods. You should also avoid spending time on websites that are not related to the task at hand and try to avoid other external distractions that can interrupt you and throw you off course. Hopefully, you’ll feel like you got more accomplished at the end of the day.